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HaruMako (NSFW)



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Sweetheart Mako-Chan Episode 8

yeah I truly hate them


yeah I truly hate them

On her 15 minute yaoi break.

A hell lot of things happened this week, meaning I procrastinate, sulk around all week.

The schedule of our final examination is already posted at the bulletin boards around campus, which makes me sulk even more because, 1 term will always be my least favourite term ever. And the date of our thesis defense is drawing near which makes me want to jump off a cliff because we’re not yet done with our paper. My group mates are pain in the ass as well, they won’t work unless I’ll work, but there are times when I want to procrastinate and they’re no help at all.

I don’t have my old laptop anymore which really sucks. I am currently using my Dad’s mac, and it’s giving me a hard time. I’m not saying I hate using Apple products but, I’m not use to it, that’s all. But I like using it nonetheless. Especially now because, Apple products are nice when I create some graphic design and digital art.

And yes, my 15 minute yaoi break is already over but, I still want to slack of before I continue doing my paper work. I am currently watching Trainspotting, again. Yes, I am that type of person who like psychological films, and the films that will make you lose you faith in Humanity. I just watched Requiem for a dream the other day, it was sad and depressing, it made me want to eat an ice cream because, wow that movie was beautiful and because of that I need an ice cream.

Well, I got to finish my work now.


Free! :: Makoto Tachibana


This is Kazuteru Minami (ANN)He appeared in episode 1, 4 and 6 of Free! Eternal Summer. His friend (red swimsuit) is Takuya Uozumi.
Let’s make him famous! Maybe, if Kyoani notices a great fandom they might include him some more or give him a nice role. Wouldn’t you appreciate more screen time, too? 


"I wasn’t ready!"

Awkward selfies between these two dorks. =w=

Lazy Sunday Morning